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Describing the cryptocurrency world

The Cryptocurrency Bubble: Not as Big as you Think

The total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is now more than $100 billion US. Bitcoin leads the way with a $45 billion cap, but Ethereum is coming up fast with a cap of $32 billion.  The one-year return on Ether is more than 1000% The bubble must burst, the market must crash, we are overdue for a correction….… Read More »

Bitcoin is Hot but it is as Cool as Vegas?

Is it possible to prove that cryptocurrency is in the same league as Vegas and Macau? We can try: At the end of fiscal 2016 Vegas as whole reported $9.6 billion in gaming revenue (All of Nevada including Tahoe reported $11.1 billion). Macau gaming revenue has declined two years in a row, reporting revenue of 223.2 billion patacas… Read More »