3 days ago

    While the Forest Burned, The Wolves Hunted

    Contagion. Last week the Luna token traded as high as $85 USD. As I write…
    3 weeks ago

    In Crypto, Go Low or Go High. But Not the Middle

    In my six years of crypto-investing, I’ve learned to walk either on one side of…
    4 weeks ago

    How To Lose A Generation of Investors

    With inflation running at eight percent (at least!) everybody wants – needs – yield on…
    March 30, 2022

    Where is the Thirty-Five Trillion Dollars in Dead Money Going to Go Now?

    Tens of trillions of dollars are locked away in accounts in the financial banking system…
    March 18, 2022

    This Time It’s Different? A Very Brief History of Stock Market Crashes

    This story is the last in a series on stock market crashes. Part I is here, Part…
    March 10, 2022

    Culling the Herd and Picking Winners: A Brief History of Stock Market Crashes Part III

    (Note: Part I is here, Part II is here) It’s no coincidence that the stock market crash…
    March 2, 2022

    Increase Your Riches with the Glitches: A Very Brief History of Stock Market Crashes Part II

    (Note: Part I is here) There are two competing theories about the stock market. One…
    February 23, 2022

    But When Do We Go Back In? A Very Short History of Stock Market Crashes

    Who still has money left in the market? I don’t have much anymore.I bought some…
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