1 week ago

    How to go from $350 Billion to $60 Trillion

    Note: This is the second part in a series on “stable” coins. Part I is…
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    A Very Quiet Bull Market is Shaping up in Bitcoin

    Bitcoin charts can drive you insane.  They can be so volatile, (and oh, does the…
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    Can Stable Coins Help Bitcoin Adoption?

    It’s been a fantastic breakthrough in the last 12 months for Bitcoin and the other…
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    If One Day You Are Ever Sitting on a Big Pile of Bitcoin, These Strategies May Come in Handy

    Let’s pretend you are the portfolio manager of a bitcoin hedge fund and your job…
    April 23, 2018

    Cryptocurrency Stocks are Back from the Dead

    One month ago, the worst place to put your money was the cryptocurrency sector. Every…
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    Bankers Ignoring this $550 Billion A Year Industry that is Moving to Cryptocurrency

    Barclay Equity Research, a division of the Barclay Investment, just released a thirty-page report on…
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    Bitcoin Bears Just Took a Bullet in Head

    Short squeeze on the bitcoin futures market early this morning. It was a classic bear…
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    The Best Move I Made This Year…

    Was NOT starting a paid investment research service in January as originally planned. The second…