Sell in May and Go Away? Not in Crypto…

This is a spreadsheet of Bitcoin monthly aggregate historical returns, from late 2014 to 2023: Data taken from Yahoo Bitcoin historical price charts. Over the last eight years, the first quarter has traditionally been the most dangerous time to invest in Bitcoin, with two of the months (January and March) showing a negative return, but then February is… Read More »

15 Must-Read Bitcoin & Crypto Trading Tips (Updated 2023)

A Closer Look At Altcoin Trading Trading cryptocurrencies is a process of exchange between two different currency pairs using crypto exchanges like Coinbase or Binance, but of course you need traditional currencies to “get into the game.” But before we begin this risky undertaking…. The easiest thing in the world is to say “Don’t buy altcoins.” But of… Read More »

Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Doing Just Fine, Despite What You Read

Let’s start with Bitcoin. Year-to-date, it’s up 65%, although flat for the last two months However, activity on the network has boomed this month, with block fees averaging as high as $176K per block (on average a block is generated every 10 minutes). Transaction fees are going up because of huge interest in BRC-20 tokens, Ordinals, and the… Read More »

Microcaps Poised to Have a Historically Great Year

I just came back from attending the Annual Planet Microcap Showcase conference that took place in Las Vegas last week. I have at least four companies on my radar and have written up a preliminary report for my paid subs. With a little bit more research, I will probably buy at least two of them. Microcaps are doing great. Nobody… Read More »

Monsoon Farming and Buying Crypto Stocks are Very Alike

Plant the seeds and prepare to wait a long time for rain. Finally, you see a cloud on the horizon. Then it’s buckets and buckets of water coming down on your field, and your crops start to grow, very fast. Last week I profiled Neptune Digital Assets (TSXV-NDA, NPPTF-OTC) when it was trading just above 20 cents. It closed Friday… Read More »

Small-Cap Crypto Public Companies Coming Back: Interview with Cale Moodie, CEO of Neptune Digital Assets Neptune Digital Assets (TSXv-NDA, PINK-NPPTF) resumed trading yesterday after being halted on January 6th. New accounting rules in Canada regarding crypto led to an epic struggle by the auditing firm to getting the annual report filed. But now that is done. I have been buying and selling Neptune since 2018 (when it was called Neptune Dash) and I’ve known… Read More »