4 days ago

    Fear and Greed in The Altcoin World

    About one year ago I was looking at an altcoin called Gamecredits. It was trading…
    1 week ago

    The One Simple Reason Why Bitcoin Went Down (Again) Over the Weekend

    Last Saturday, bitcoin was trading at $7600 USD. By Sunday, it traded as low as…
    2 weeks ago

    The Best Article on Money-Laundering You Will Ever Read

    This article is republished with permission from the Bitmex Blog. Arthur Hayes is co-founder of Bitmex,…
    3 weeks ago

    A Fast-Growing Company on the Verge of Profitability

    Soon, New Currency Frontier is to become a paid subscription service. I will still write…
    4 weeks ago

    The Regulators are Coming! The Regulators are Coming!

    A triple-whammy crackdown is roiling the cryptocurrency markets with the altcoins tanking 20% (or more)…
    May 15, 2018

    How to go from $350 Billion to $60 Trillion

    Note: This is the second part in a series on “stable” coins. Part I is…
    May 10, 2018

    A Very Quiet Bull Market is Shaping up in Bitcoin

    Bitcoin charts can drive you insane.  They can be so volatile, (and oh, does the…
    May 4, 2018

    Can Stable Coins Help Bitcoin Adoption?

    It’s been a fantastic breakthrough in the last 12 months for Bitcoin and the other…