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How Likely (And How Soon) Will Bitcoin Hit $100K?

Time for a sanity check. With Bitcoin above $11 K USD (at least for now), market cap is $210 billion. Let’s compare bitcoin with other world currencies: 1.    The M1 supply of Canada’s currency was $777 billion USD in May 2019. 2.    M1 supply of Singapore was $137.5 billion in the same month. 3.    M1 supply of Japan, second-largest economy in the world: $7.42 trillion. 4.    And… Read More »

A Great Migration: The Ultimate Guide to Public Bitcoin Mining Companies in North America (Part One)

For the last 40 years, North American industries have flocked to China—now a multi-billion-dollar industry is moving from China to North America. It’s cryptocurrency “mining”—a $US 6 billion industry. Why are the miners leaving China? In a move last October, the Chinese government banned ALL forms of cryptocurrency, including China. Just last week, the Chinese government update their… Read More »

After The Bloodbath, It’s Time to Go Shopping

Today I bought Bitcoin futures on the Bitmex exchange (the largest Bitcoin futures exchange in the world). The order was a small percentage of my portfolio. It’s a risky trade and I don’t wait to lose too much sleep over it if Bitcoin heads south again I believe we will see more turbulence and weakness in the market… Read More »

Dark Money in the Cryptocurrency Universe

Dark matter roughly makes up 80% of the universe. Or so the physicists say. We know – or think – dark matter exists because the galaxies stick together when there is not enough observable matter to keep them from flying apart. But there is no direct evidence of dark matter. All experiments to “prove” dark matter exists have… Read More »

Explaining Bitcoin to Martians

Or: You are over the age of fifty and you don’t understand techie stuff… Once or twice a year, I allow myself a trip to the Shameful Tikki on Main Street, Vancouver, where the rum is served in goldfish bowls that are decorated with floating fruit and candle boats. After a few bowls shared with some close friends,… Read More »