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Welcome to the Devil’s Playground: Trading Tokens on Uniswap

The Ethereum token Serum went up 1000% yesterday in its first day of trading: it’s up to $1.79, or 38%. That’s not the only token that’s popping. The tendies token is up more than 400% since being listed July 30th. you can’t buy these magical tokens at your friendly neighbourhood discount brokerage. Behold the new favourite… Read More »

The Pac-Men of the Crypto-World

Grayscale Trust has been on a tear this quarter buying up more bitcoin than any other financial institution in the world. Currently they hold about 365,000 Bitcoin on behalf of US accredited investors, That is just a little less than 2% (1.97%) of all bitcoin currently in circulation. Last July, when I first reported on Grayscale, they only held 1.2% of the world’s… Read More »

Speculating in Bitcoin is Stupid and Risky, With One Exception

Regular readers of my newsletter know I never indulge in buying or selling Bitcoin futures without covering my positions, or “hedging” so to speak. It’s an iron-clad rule I never break. Never ever buy a futures contract without covering position. Never put yourself in a position to lose money. Except for yesterday. I broke the rule. I went… Read More »

Bought Some Crypto Stock This Week (First time in 2019!)

I bought some Hut 8 Mining Corp. (HUT-TSXV) earlier this week at $1.11. It’s a bitcoin mining operation with facilities based in Alberta, Canada. There are two reasons why I bought the stock. But before I get into that, let’s go over the negatives (and there are a lot of them). First, the balance sheets of any bitcoin mining operation at… Read More »