In the Future, This Article Will be Written by A Bot

My days as a newsletter writer are numbered. I asked the latest version of Chat-GPT this question: What Caused Bitcoin to Crash in 2018? And this is the answer I got: Bitcoin experienced a significant crash in 2018 due to a combination of factors. Here are some of the primary reasons: Market correction: The price of Bitcoin had… Read More »

Best Bitcoin Mining Stocks

I loaded up last week on two top Bitcoin mining stocks here. Why? Bitcoin is trading today at $27,600 USD at the time of writing. Its all-time high is $64,000. The price today is 43% of its all-time high. Have a look at the chart below of a general sample of the largest bitcoin mining company’ stocks: There… Read More »

Why is Bitcoin Booming in the Middle of a Bank Run?

Best quote of the week, possibly the year, and let’s pray it’s not the quote of the decade. Jerome Powell testified in front of the banking committee this last week. COMMITTEE: “Do you see any systemic risk in the banking system because of the rapid rise of interest rates?” POWELL: “No” And then this morning, this is… Read More »

Lehman Brothers Says Hi: Silicon Valley Bank Just Went Under

The failure of Silicon Valley Bank is the second largest in US history. The bank had US $209 billion in assets and US $175.4 billion in deposits at the time of failure, according to the FDIC. In comparison, Lehman Brothers on Monday, September 15th, 2008, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection citing bank debt of $613 billion, $155 billion… Read More »

Three Obstacles to Ethereum World Domination

Lawyers, Lawyers, Lawyers Everywhere ETHDenver is supposed to be a conference for developers, but there were lawyers everywhere. This does not sound good until you realize where there are lawyers, there is … money. The number one topic at ETHDenver was the machinations of the head of the US Securities Exchange Commission SEC Gary “I will prosecute a… Read More »