Bitcoin Forecast for August 1 2017:Mischief and Chaos

With less than  24 hours before the Bitcoin hard fork (ie a rebel group splits off and creates Bitcoin cash, the price of Bitcoin looks remarkably stable: Coindesk has a good technical explanation for what will happen tomorrow, but here is a quick summary: On August 1st, a rather large mining pool (Bitcoin server group) will allow individual… Read More »

What Will Happen on August 1st? Nobody knows anything…

According to Coindesk, Segwit is a done deal, with 90% of miners giving a thumbs-up. A quick look at Coindance also draws a picture that all is well with the world. So time to load up on BTC, wouldn’t you say? Not so fast. Coinbase today just sent out a warning email to all its customers, warning of… Read More »

The Bitcoin Everlasting Civil War is Over, Guess Who Won…

Well that de-escalated quickly. This picture should tell a lot of the story: Source: In case you can’t read the fine print, that’s showing more than 90% of miners are supporting the SegWit2x (intention). But even better news is this: What is BIP 91? Well Coindesk has a really good summary of it here. But if you… Read More »

How To Sleep At Night While the World Burns

At the time of writing, 8:00 pm (Vancouver time July 16th), Bitcoin is staging yet another mini-rally with the price hovering near $1990. Ethereum is also bouncing back with a current price of $160. On the week, Ethereum is down $80 or 33%. Bitcoin is down $500 or 20%. THAT’S IN ONE WEEK. At present, my cryptocurrency position… Read More »

Initial Coin Offerings: The Results are In

Note: If you have no idea what an ICO is, please check out my introductory post on the subject. In the interest of research, I participated in three initial coin offerings  (ICOs) during the month of June. Let’s see if I made any money. Minex Closing date of ICO: June 15th ICO price: 0.00230755   Current price: 0.00230755 BTC Amount… Read More »

Dark Money in the Cryptocurrency Universe

Dark matter roughly makes up 80% of the universe. Or so the physicists say. We know – or think – dark matter exists because the galaxies stick together when there is not enough observable matter to keep them from flying apart. But there is no direct evidence of dark matter. All experiments to “prove” dark matter exists have… Read More »