The Tooth-to-Tail Ratio in Investing: Attending ETH Denver

n a software company (crypto project), who creates value?   Answer: the software developer.   This should be obvious. But over the years, I’ve had a large number of startups hit me up for financing that don’t even have a development team (but instead have a really nice Powerpoint file).   In that investor presentation, there are always… Read More »

You Probably Need Help About Your Bull Market Denial

If that chart doesn’t convince you that the bull market has started, nothing will. Some people refuse to believe. My Twitter feed this week has been filled with the anguish of bears who are slamming out multiple tweets that this is nothing but a great bull trap. Ethereum is up “only” 43% this year. Bitfarms, my favourite public… Read More »

The SEC Drops the Hammer on Kraken and That Makes Me Happy

Yesterday the US Securities Exchange Commission shut down Kraken’s staking-as-a-service product offering and this legal action will be the death of crypto, according to every article I have read so far. This goes to show you, that the people writing about crypto today were not writing about crypto back in 2017, or even 2020. Back then, most of the… Read More »

Should You Listen to Charlie Munger When it Comes to Crypto?

If you missed it, Charlie Munger penned an opinion piece in Wall Street Journal a few days ago calling for the banning of crypto (warning paywall): It isn’t a currency. It’s a gambling contract with a nearly 100% edge for the house. Here we go, again. Now before I start taking a piece out of Munger, let me… Read More »

The City of Millionaires: Why Everybody Gets It Wrong About Vancouver

This is Part II in a series. Part I was last week. The case for why the Vancouver real estate will crash is simple: 1.       Vancouver housing prices have soared the last twenty years. 2.       The average Canadian wages have not kept up. 3.       Mortgage rates have spiked up this year. Add up all these factors and it’s… Read More »