The Sudden, Shocking Collapse of FTX

The third-largest crypto-exchange in the world has become insolvent in less than one week, with billions of dollars owned by retail trapped in accounts now frozen. And in the time of public blockchains, where a public army of tech-savvy citizens can scrutinize every transaction seconds after they happen, the collapse happened lighting-fast and in a very public way.… Read More »

The Coming Silver and Ethereum Shortage

You can’t buy physical silver for love or money or unless you want to pay nearly double over the supposed market price. As Peter Krauth of Silver Stock Investor notes in his weekly email: “the tightness in physical silver markets has only worsened. Incredibly, one-ounce American Silver Eagle coins are now selling at 100% premiums over the spot price! That… Read More »

How US Treasuries Are Subsidizing This Sector of Crypto

The pundits would have you believe this is an “everything is going down” market. The Fed is going to kill everything. That’s not true. Higher interest rates are a boon to one sector of crypto: stablecoins. This is a list showing the total amount of US-backed stablecoins that have been issued in the world of crypto. The sum… Read More »

It’s The War, Stupid

  What caused the Great Inflation of the 1970s? Most crypto enthusiasts would say it was the collapse of the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1971 when Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard. But the Bretton Woods collapse was only a symptom. It did not cause the economical turmoil of the seventies, such as the Sterling crisis of 1976 (almost bankrupting… Read More »