Dark Money in the Cryptocurrency Universe

Dark matter roughly makes up 80% of the universe. Or so the physicists say. We know – or think – dark matter exists because the galaxies stick together when there is not enough observable matter to keep them from flying apart. But there is no direct evidence of dark matter. All experiments to “prove” dark matter exists have… Read More »

Explaining Bitcoin to Martians

Or: You are over the age of fifty and you don’t understand techie stuff… Once or twice a year, I allow myself a trip to the Shameful Tikki on Main Street, Vancouver, where the rum is served in goldfish bowls that are decorated with floating fruit and candle boats. After a few bowls shared with some close friends,… Read More »

Initial Coin Offerings are the Cryptocurrency Mania of 2017

“ICO’s will not go away. For the first time in financial history, founders can access capital from both large and small investors armed with nothing more than a slick website. No regulatory filings or egregious investment banking fees are required to raise capital. The capital of the 99% is there, and they are hungry to participate in the… Read More »

The Cryptocurrency Bubble: Not as Big as you Think

The total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is now more than $100 billion US. Bitcoin leads the way with a $45 billion cap, but Ethereum is coming up fast with a cap of $32 billion.  The one-year return on Ether is more than 1000% The bubble must burst, the market must crash, we are overdue for a correction….… Read More »

Bitcoin is Hot but it is as Cool as Vegas?

Is it possible to prove that cryptocurrency is in the same league as Vegas and Macau? We can try: At the end of fiscal 2016 Vegas as whole reported $9.6 billion in gaming revenue (All of Nevada including Tahoe reported $11.1 billion). Macau gaming revenue has declined two years in a row, reporting revenue of 223.2 billion patacas… Read More »