Excitement or Profit? Let’s Pick Both

By | February 4, 2021

Thank you for continuing to read this blog.

Because I know it is much more interesting to hear about Elton Musk pumping Dogecoin or the Wallstreetbets guys pumping Ripple.
Never mind it is the little guy who is always left holding the bag, as long as it’s entertaining, am I right?

But let me reward your perseverance and loyalty with a walk on the wild side.

But before I do that, let’s spend one minute analyzing how chasing the latest altcoin pump works as an investment strategy.

Fortunately, other people have done the heavy lifting.

Here the opening shot (tweeted last October):

And here is the chaser, tweeted earlier this week:
Most long-term members of the crypto community think Ripple is a dumpster fire existing solely to enrich its creators and Dogecoin has been a notorious pump-and-dump coin at least since 2017.

I do not know what more I can say to discourage people from buying these types of coins.

Check it Out! Super Hot Crazy Tokens Right Here!

But I get it. Kids want to eat candy, not vegetables. They want to party at the hottest nightclub, not spend more time in study halls.

Okay let’s do that. But let’s do it right…

Look at this sea of lovely green:

This is a list of the top Defi assets (tokens) in the Ethereum ecosystem. Look at those YTD returns, they are amazing.

Look at the market caps. In comparison to other well-known altcoins, they have lots of room to run.

Do I own any of these tokens? Yes, I do. I own a fair chunk of SNX. I bought it when it was trading at five dollars.

I made my teenagers buy some when it was $15.

Better yet, every one of these tokens has an active development team and an interesting story to tell.

So if you are one of those investors interested in doing your own research, there’s a lot of neat stuff to dig into.

And finally, I can’t say enough nice things about the Messari.io research service. I have a pro subscription, and it has paid for itself countless times over.

If you are putting any kind of serious money in crypto, it’s mandatory, you subscribe to their platform.

Do that or run with the thundering herd that loves to chase the latest pump-and-dump.