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Describing the cryptocurrency world

Bitcoin Forecast for August 1 2017:Mischief and Chaos

With less than  24 hours before the Bitcoin hard fork (ie a rebel group splits off and creates Bitcoin cash, the price of Bitcoin looks remarkably stable: Coindesk has a good technical explanation for what will happen tomorrow, but here is a quick summary: On August 1st, a rather large mining pool (Bitcoin server group) will allow individual… Read More »

What Will Happen on August 1st? Nobody knows anything…

According to Coindesk, Segwit is a done deal, with 90% of miners giving a thumbs-up. A quick look at Coindance also draws a picture that all is well with the world. So time to load up on BTC, wouldn’t you say? Not so fast. Coinbase today just sent out a warning email to all its customers, warning of… Read More »

The Bitcoin Everlasting Civil War is Over, Guess Who Won…

Well that de-escalated quickly. This picture should tell a lot of the story: Source: In case you can’t read the fine print, that’s showing more than 90% of miners are supporting the SegWit2x (intention). But even better news is this: What is BIP 91? Well Coindesk has a really good summary of it here. But if you… Read More »

Initial Coin Offerings: The Results are In

Note: If you have no idea what an ICO is, please check out my introductory post on the subject. In the interest of research, I participated in three initial coin offerings  (ICOs) during the month of June. Let’s see if I made any money. Minex Closing date of ICO: June 15th ICO price: 0.00230755   Current price: 0.00230755 BTC Amount… Read More »

The Cryptocurrency Bubble: Not as Big as you Think

The total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is now more than $100 billion US. Bitcoin leads the way with a $45 billion cap, but Ethereum is coming up fast with a cap of $32 billion.  The one-year return on Ether is more than 1000% The bubble must burst, the market must crash, we are overdue for a correction….… Read More »

Bitcoin is Hot but it is as Cool as Vegas?

Is it possible to prove that cryptocurrency is in the same league as Vegas and Macau? We can try: At the end of fiscal 2016 Vegas as whole reported $9.6 billion in gaming revenue (All of Nevada including Tahoe reported $11.1 billion). Macau gaming revenue has declined two years in a row, reporting revenue of 223.2 billion patacas… Read More »