With Bitcoin on the Move, It is Time to Jump in Again

By | October 27, 2020

his morning I added to my position of Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIGG-TSXv). I also have a small position in Bluesky Digital Asset (BTC-CSE) and just bought some Cryptostar (CSTR-TSXv).
BIGG has been on a run this last month, but Bluesky and Cryptostar are still flying under the radar.

I first covered BIGG back in 2017. They have a nice business auditing blockchain transactions for law enforcement agency and crypto-exchanges. But it’s not very sexy.

However, they have a large group of developers who understand blockchain and crypto and the market is staring to pay a premium for that type of asset.

I am trying to arrange an interview with the CEO of BIGG.

Bluesky and Cryptostar are obviously momentum trades. In the past, I have had good luck trading in and out of Cryptostar.

About gold exploration stocks: I still own a ton but not expecting any joy from them until 2021 or when the next massive stimulus bill is passed in the US.

Defi trading (Ethereum tokens) is going to be HUGE, MASSIVE, and PROFITABLE but NOT until the problem of high gas fees is solved. I am thinking 2021.

I have seen some demos of Defi apps using level two solutions to bypass Ethereum transactions limits and they look amazing.

The second problem with Defi is the learning curve. It’s very steep and long. I am spending most of my time playing with the various Defi trading apps.