Don’t Buy Dogecoin or Coinbase Stock, Get Your Hands on a Demon Horse or an Elegant Mermaid

By | April 29, 2021
Financial markets are hot. But collectibles are even hotter:

“Since the pandemic started, my financial portfolio has gone up 50 percent,” says Clement Kwan, “My collectibles went up by 200%.” (in an interview with News Chant.)

Kwan is the previous president of Yoox Net-a-Porter and a founder of Beboe, an upscale line of hashish vaporizers and edible pastilles. And he is a typical rich guy who likes to collect expensive stuff.

But even hotter than collectibles in the real world are collectibles in the virtual world of crypto.

Forget about Rolex watches and 1973 Porches.

One ten-second video clip has been registered on the blockchain as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and sold for $6.6 million USD.

Some people are forecasting the NFT collectibles market to grow as large as the traditional art market in the next decade ($67 billion USD).

I’m excited. I think I’m going to cash in.

I have decided to sell the logo of New Currency Frontier as a NFT for a cool $100,000 USD

By the way, did I mention how much it cost me to register this logo on the Ethereum blockchain and make it an NFT?

Absolutely nothing.

By now, I expect you are rolling your eyes.

If you check out the mintable marketplace, you see a lot of NFTs for sale, and you wonder, who are the buyers for this stuff? Do they even exist?

And I agree, nobody has shelled out $100K for my logo, which is disappointing. But not surprising.

However, let me show you another marketplace where money IS being paid for NFTs.

This is from the website The Sandbox is a virtual world that is like Minecraft, but transactions are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Two things to notice.

Underneath the name of the NFT, is the number of creatures that have been created and how many have been sold.

For example, 48 “Elegant Mermaids” have been sold out of 50 created.

The second thing to take note of is the price. The prices are in SAND tokens. At this moment, each SAND token is worth about 55 cents.

Therefore, each Elegant Mermaid is selling for $57.75 USD. The artist has sold 48 of them, netting $2772.

Nice work if you can get it.

NOW, the next question you should be thinking is how do make one of these thingies and list it on this marketplace?

And the only way to do that is to follow these steps:

To become a Sandbox artist, you have to be approved by the Sandbox development team, and use the VoxEdit software which is the only animation editor capable of producing the NFTs to be published on the marketplace.

The artist community is limited to 1000. I have already put my application in (as a creator who will hire animators to work for me).

Is this another craze? Absolutely. It’s a craze like Minecraft, which was bought for $2.5 billion USD by Microsoft.

Or perhaps it’s a craze like World of Warcraft, where the most expensive virtual item ever sold was the level 60 Shaman Zeuzo which sold for $9500 USD.

Who cares if its a craze or not? In these virtual worlds, there are real dollars to be discovered.