How To Staking Crypto

Crypto investors in Defi (decentralized finance) are generating yields of 3 to 30 percent yield via staking rewards. But a lot of crypto owners don’t do it because there is a bit of a learning curve. And if you don’t know what you are doing, transaction and staking fees can eat up a lot of the profit, and… Read More »

Biggest News Story of the Year that Nobody Wants to Report (Yet)

About three days ago, a scientific team from Korea published a paper saying that they have produced a superconductor at room temperature. Because the three scientists who published the paper had some very solid credentials, the news was picked up in some significant scientific publications and labs worldwide are trying to replicate the results. If this is true,… Read More »

The Hottest Crypto-Projects This Summe

Worldcoin was released today upon an unsuspecting investor community, reaching a market cap of $22 billion USD: Don’t get too excited by that huge number. Ninety percent of the supply of Worldcoin is currently locked, meaning that the first day of trading meant traders were buying a very “constrained” pool of tokens. Seventy-five percent of the supply will… Read More »

But What Does Really Affect the Price of Bitcoin?

I don’t really like technical analysis or trying to make price predictions by looking at charts. The human eye sees patterns in chaos. The world of investing is more random than most people believe, and more prone to chance than most financial newsletter writers would care to admit. Having said that, the chart below, of the price of… Read More »

2023 Mid-Year Review: It’s Better to Be Lucky then Smart

If you carefully cherry-pick the data, you can come up with some real winners for the first half of the year. Bitcoin is up more than 80% since the start of 2023. NASDAQ is up 30%. Even the S&P 500 is up more than 14%. But those numbers are misleading. This isn’t a broad-based rally (yet). Let’s start… Read More »

The Crypto-Cold War Between the US and China is Heating Up

Governments don’t want to ban crypto. They want to control it. Correction: If they thought banning crypto would work, they would. But it didn’t work. So now the cold war begins. Hong Kong, New York, and London, for the last century, have been the great financial centres of the world. Which city will be the preeminent for crypto… Read More »