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Not All Coins Have a Happy Ending, So Go Ahead and Short

I am shorting the Tezo coin. The Tezos initial coin offering was one of the largest of the summer of 2017, with $230 million US raised (now worth $400). It is now a complete disaster, with Tezos now officially under investigation by ICO investors. Trading of the tokens has been suspended indefinitely. All money raised by the ICO has… Read More »

A Bitcoin Hard Fork Means a Free Lunch for Investors

The last time Bitcoin did a hard fork, investors made easy money. It’s about to happen again—tomorrow in fact. On August 1st, Bitcoin split into two coins, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The day before, Bitcoin was worth $2875 and the day after the split, it was worth $2735. And if you had parked your Bitcoin in a wallet… Read More »

300% Gain in One Month: Full Speed Ahead for HIVE

HIVE is the first cryptocurrency mining company in North America to go public with major assets, provable cash flow, and a road map for massive expansion. With $40 million in cash, HIVE Blockchain Technologies (HIVE-TSXv) will pursue a strategy of aggressive growth with the planned acquisition of more data centres from Genesis Mining in the future. Genesis is the largest cloud Bitcoin… Read More »

Bitcoin Has a Liquidity Problem and Here is the Solution

A few weeks ago, there was a spread of more than 6% between the price of Bitcoin in North America and in China, as the Chinese exchanges were dumping Bitcoin during the government crackdown. In theory, if you bought Bitcoin on a Chinese exchange (or even on Bitfinex which is based in Taiwan), you could then transfer the… Read More »

Labour Day Weekend Bitcoin Brawl: East versus West

The Chinese government’s decision to ban initial coin offerings triggered an epic selling spree that dropped Bitcoin from a high of $5000 USD down to a low of $3950 in the space of three days. That’s a drop of 21%. In comparison, on October 19th, 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 22%. But remember that Bitcoin trades… Read More »