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The Biggest News Stories of 2022 Give Hope For the Future

It’s not even close. The biggest story of the year happened earlier this week when the news was announced that nuclear fusion was achieved in a laboratory with more energy coming out than going in. Note: Image generated by OpenAI…more on that laterA quick primer on nuclear fusion: Nuclear fusion is a process in which atomic nuclei combine to… Read More »

Where the Money is Going, Now that No One Can Be Trusted

Here’s a short list of crypto firms that went belly up this year: FTX, $10 billion lost Celsius, $2.8 billion net liabilities Voyageur, between $1 and $10 billion (!) Blockfi, between $1 and $10 billion (obviously accounting is not a strong suit with these guys). Okay, let’s state the obvious. The losses are shocking. But the losses are… Read More »

They Only Want You to Think that Crypto is Dead

This picture says it all. Note the wall of green: These rankings are drawn from Uniswap’s new search engine for NFT, called Genie. I’ve been playing with it the last few days. No, I haven’t figured out to profit from NFTs yet. In the past, I’ve managed to lose money on NFTs, or at the very least, I haven’t… Read More »

After FTX, The Shoe Drops at Digital Currency Group

The big grandaddy in crypto is Digital Currency Group. They own a big chunk of Coinbase, Coindesk and have a huge stake in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ( OTCMKTS-GBTC). They also own Genesis Capital Corp, a prime brokerage for institutional crypto investors in the US, and that’s a problem. About 10 days ago, Genesis blocked customers from withdrawals and… Read More »

The Coming Silver and Ethereum Shortage

You can’t buy physical silver for love or money or unless you want to pay nearly double over the supposed market price. As Peter Krauth of Silver Stock Investor notes in his weekly email: “the tightness in physical silver markets has only worsened. Incredibly, one-ounce American Silver Eagle coins are now selling at 100% premiums over the spot price! That… Read More »