I Wouldn’t Touch the New Bitcoin Futures ETFs With a Ten-Foot Pole

For years, the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has refused to approve a Bitcoin ETF. But it’s now allowing a Bitcoin Futures ETFs to be issued and bought by North American retail investors. But I have no interest in buying any of them. They are almost guaranteed to underperform. Now, most retail investors don’t understand the difference between… Read More »

On the Edge of Chaos: Hours Away from the Ethereum Merge

After the merge, Ethereum owners will be vulnerable to replay attacks, and it will be the fault of Ethereum miners. Let me explain. Hours away from now (or maybe it’s happened by the time you have read this), the Merge will have occurred, moving Ethereum away from proof-of-work (POW) to proof-of-stake (POS). https://www.blocknative.com/ethereum-merge-countdown But the Ethereum blockchain that… Read More »

In Crypto, Go Low or Go High. But Not the Middle

In my six years of crypto-investing, I’ve learned to walk either on one side of the road or the other. But don’t walk down the middle. For me, there are two types of trades. The first kind of trade has a payoff but most importantly, there is absolutely no way I’m going to lose my initial outlay. The second… Read More »

So Many Alarm Bells Ringing, I’m Going Deaf

I have linked to an excellent summary below of what happened in the bond market last week: https://twitter.com/biancoresearch/status/1480245516009152513 if you don’t have the time or the patience to read through it, here is the 5-second summary. The bond market collapsed The stock market is the slow kid in the room, meaning, as the bond market goes, so goes… Read More »