Psssst…Want to Know the Price of Bitcoin in Advance?

On September 2nd of this year, a trader (or a group of traders) shorted a rather large amount of bitcoin on the Bitfinex exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong. It took about two and a half hours for the trader(s) to short roughly 11,000 bitcoin (at $6500 USD, that is $71.5 million). Here is the chart:… Read More »

Turn A Sucker Bet into A Winning Investment

Note: This is the third article in a series on why should hedge in crypto. Part one is here and part two is here. What if somebody told you that they had a deal which guaranteed a compounded average return of 25% a year? The only “catch” is that you have to lock up your money for four… Read More »

Would You Invest in A Company Trading Close to Cash?

If you don’t believe that the market has soured on bitcoin public miners, have a look at FortressBlockchain (FORT-TSXV). Trading close to cash value with revenue and positive cash flow. Any investor has to look at a company trading close to cash, if only to figure out what’s wrong with it.Total revenue for the quarter was $1.35 million CAD. EBITA… Read More »

Invest in Crypto Like the Pros Do

This is the second article in a series. The first is here. In the short run, buying and selling bitcoin is for gamblers. But hedging makes you an investor. The SEC may be ruling this week whether to allow bitcoin ETFs to trade. Many commentators think this event could be the end of the bear market and the… Read More »

Why I Bought this Stock Three Months Ago: 30% Gain So Far

I first wrote about MOGO last May 29th when the stock was trading at $3.40, and was the first stock I have ever written about where I bought it as a table-pounding buy. It has a nice tight share structure (i.e. few shares outstanding) and a business model that touched crypto but was not entirely dependent on it. It closed… Read More »