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When it’s Okay to Buy A Lottery “Ticket”

I have a friend who is worth quite a bit of money who, if certain conditions are met, will go out and buy lottery tickets on principle. Every once a while the lotto jackpot is larger than the amount of tickets that are being floated that week. Even though he literally has a 10 million-to-one chance that he… Read More »

Fear and Greed in The Altcoin World

About one year ago I was looking at an altcoin called Gamecredits. It was trading at a little more than three cents. I had picked that coin out of lineup because I thought the name was intriguing. The coin was intended to be used as currency for mobile games. I checked out the website at decided at the… Read More »

The Best Move I Made This Year…

Was NOT starting a paid investment research service in January as originally planned. The second best-move I will make this year is starting the service in May when the bottom hits (or least you will see it from there). When I started this blog last summer, I had every intent to launch a subscription service in early 2018.… Read More »

The Real Reason Why Bitcoin Crashed

Bitcoin had a nasty 25% drop last week on news that US regulators want to subpoena Bitfinex over the issuing of Tether, a digital coin that is (supposed to be) backed by the US dollar. After a bounce back Friday, Bitcoin tanked again on the weekend. Yesterday, it continued to drop before bouncing back on “Turnaround Tuesday.” What’s the cause? Many… Read More »

You Want to Buy Some Bitcoin? You Can’t Have Any

The entire cryptocurrency universe is on lockdown this month as the exchanges had to surrender to overwhelming demand and shut down new accounts. Or, you can open a new account, but you can’t fund the account without your account getting verified. When will your account get verified? Nobody knows. These exchanges are small businesses with normal, over-worked human… Read More »