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Explaining the Insane Volatility of Bitcoin

It’s easy, every gambler in the world is betting on Bitcoin futures. Let me explain: In case you missed it, Bitcoin has been on some wild ride the last two days. This is a chart of the XBTUSD futures on Bitmex, the largest Bitcoin futures exchange in the world. The XBTUSD futures contract is a perpetual swap contract… Read More »

What You Should Be Investing In…RIGHT NOW

I am getting email from readers just starting to dip their toe into crypto-currency investing. They are picking blockchain companies off the public market listings and asking “Do you like this one?” Most of the time (surprisingly), I say no. This is what you should be investing in RIGHT NOW. Deals that have exposure to the Big Three… Read More »

Bitcoin: Amateurs Versus Professionals

Yesterday there was an absurd 8% spread between the price of Bitcoin and the Bitcoin futures contract price on Bitmex (world’s largest Bitcoin futures exchange).     I am showing a chart with a long y-axis to show the spread isn’t some aberration. The spread has been there for days and if anything, it is widening. I’m going… Read More »