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Describing the cryptocurrency world

I Buy Crypto-Stocks Because Safe Stocks Do Nothing for Me

This month I bought some crypto-stocks for my RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan, or the Canadian version of an IRA). Bitfarms and Fansunite have been the big winners. A note about Fansunite: In 2018 I bought it in a private placement as a blockchain deal. It went zombie for more than two years and resurrected itself as a… Read More »

Let Me Tell You the Exact Week When Bitcoin Will Stop Going Up

End of the third week of December. Maybe the rally extends up to Christmas. But no farther. The historical record of price action for bitcoin is remarkably easy to predict: As you can see from this chart, November is the best month to own bitcoin, with a cumulative return of 526%, in this particular month, since 2011, not including this month.… Read More »

Bitcoin Mining Companies on the Move

Last week I added to my position to Bitfarms (BITF-TSXv), a bitcoin miner based out of Quebec, Canada. Despite the political turmoil over US election results (or because of it), Bitfarms stock is up this week to 55 cents CAD. It was 45 cents a week ago. After months of increasing hash rate, with the end of moonson season… Read More »