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Describing the cryptocurrency world

But What if the Bubble Never Pops?

I bought my first house in Vancouver for $418,000 CAD in 2003, from a flipper. The house had been sold a year before for $320,000. I felt bad buying as it was obvious we were in a housing bubble. But I was married with a toddler and another one on the way. And renting a house in Vancouver… Read More »

A Little Rain Falls on The Happiest Place on Earth

Carnage today on the junior markets as the bears growl “rising bond yields.” The Canada Stock Exchange (CSE) index fell from 962 to 866, a fall of 7.9% The TSX Exchange (TSXv), Canada’s other junior stock exchange, fell 65 points or 6.6%. These two exchanges make up the bulk of publicly-listed crypto/blockchain companies. A sad day today, but the… Read More »

So Much Profit This Week, Even the Loan Sharks Are Jealous

An academic study on loan sharking in Asia discovered the average annual interest rate charged to customers is 416% a year. But this week, crypto has that beat with some contract briefly paying out 670% per annum: Let’s dig into these numbers: The 0.06124% funding rate is the payout for the most liquid Ethereum futures contract on the planet, the Bitmex… Read More »

You Have $10 Million USD. Where Are You Going to Put it?

It’s a hypothetical question unless you are a money manager. Deposit it at your local bank? Interest rates on deposits in most Western countries are essentially zero, except for countries like Denmark, Switzerland, and Japan, where interest rates on deposits are negative. Ask this question around the dinner table with your teenage kids and you will get funny… Read More »