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Describing the cryptocurrency world

Welcome to the Devil’s Playground: Trading Tokens on Uniswap

The Ethereum token Serum went up 1000% yesterday in its first day of trading: it’s up to $1.79, or 38%. That’s not the only token that’s popping. The tendies token is up more than 400% since being listed July 30th. you can’t buy these magical tokens at your friendly neighbourhood discount brokerage. Behold the new favourite… Read More »

The Start of a New Boom or a Sucker’s Rally?

Before we agonize over what to do next, let’s take a moment to appreciate what happened in the month of April. Bitcoin is up nearly $9000 from $7000 in 30 days, a bump of 29%. I would say that is the result of halving hype. If it breaks $10k anytime soon, that’s a nice bonus. Most likely it… Read More »

I Knew Things Were Bad, But Not This Bad

Everybody is grumpy because it’s been five consecutive months that bitcoin has either a) done diddly-squat or b) declined: For all of 2019, there have only been THREE months where bitcoin has recorded a gain of more than 20%. That’s not enough for the go-go crowd and already my Twitter is lit with people announcing they are quiting crypto.… Read More »

Will this Fairytale Romance Lead to the Next Crypto-Boom?

I hope you are laughing at the picture. And that’s great, because there hasn’t been anybody laughing about the energy crisis in Alberta for a long time. The stupidly-low price of natural gas in Alberta has been crippling the provincial economy for years and leaving investors in the energy sectors in tears. Do you think I am exaggerating?… Read More »

I Did Not Hang with the “In” Crowd at High School

My high school was so rough, it shut down two years after I graduated. I saw fistfights in the hallways at least once every two weeks. The hockey team was banned from the school league for an epic brawl that made the pages of the Ottawa Citizen newspaper. Despite being an excellent chess player and a master of… Read More »